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Windmill Bearings

Posted by Merv on 5/29/2015 to News
 Hey Guys,
 We have been manufacturing windmills since 1995 and like anyone we have made changes to our product to make it better more maintenance free. 
 I am talking specifically about the 18 - 30 foot models. When we started making those we used a bearing in the center hub but because they're so far off the ground the bearings never or rarely got greased so they would eventually fail. From there we used a nylon bushing with a brass insert but the Stainless Steel shaft would quite literally eat those things for lunch! Needless to say they squeaked and carried on which made us research further and try to find something that would last but not require any grease. 
 The vesconite bushing is an answer to prayer and a lot of research. These things are awesome. They do not require any lubrication, in fact, they are self lubricating. We haven't replaced one Vesconite Bushing since we started using them 6 years ago. 
 So if you have one of our older windmills and the bearings or nylon bushings need to be replaced, this is what we replace them with.
 Merv Schwartz (Sales)